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Pretty Fabric Postage Stamps

Fabric Postage Stamp Tutorial Just recently I’ve done a sew along over on Instagram by Sunny Day Supply Company. The #sunnystockingsal where you can make a darling patchwork Christmas stocking. All the details are over at the Sunny Day Supply blog and I think it would have to be one of my favourite sew alongs… Continue reading Pretty Fabric Postage Stamps

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Clamshell Zipper Pouch Pattern

I just thought I would write a post and introduce you to the first ever Ma & Me Designs PDF sewing pattern, the scrappy clamshell zipper pouch. I decided i wanted to write up a pattern and share with you all after having a lot of interest over on Instagram. I've thought about selling original… Continue reading Clamshell Zipper Pouch Pattern


Scrappy Tassel Zipper Pull Tutorial

Tassel Zipper Pull Tutorial Fabric Tassels are a quick and easy way to add a colourful custom zipper pull or charm to your patchwork pouches but their potential is limitless. Use them to add charm to any of your sewing projects, as a gift topper, maybe even a key FOB or add it as a… Continue reading Scrappy Tassel Zipper Pull Tutorial

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Teeny Tiny Pinnie Parade

Anyone who has been following me over on Instagram will notice that I have been participating in a few sew along's lately (#patchworkusasewalong and currently the #sunnystockingsal). I've just finished another sew along, the #teenytinypinnieparade hosted by Cheri @tinkerellen. I stumbled across this sew along after I was mindlessly scrolling through insta looking at all… Continue reading Teeny Tiny Pinnie Parade


Hearts and Crosses Pincushion Tutorial

Hearts & Crosses Pinnie Tutorial Happy Hump day everyone! To celebrate that mid week hump here is a pincushion tutorial so you can get prepped for some weekend sewing. Over on Instagram I’ve been participating in the #teenytinypinnie parade. One of my pinnies was this little hearts and crosses pincushion. I dreamt this little beauty… Continue reading Hearts and Crosses Pincushion Tutorial

Sew Along

Patchwork USA Sew Along

Okay, okay... so it’s pretty obvious I’m just a lot in love with Heidi Staples newest book Patchwork USA. When I saw the front cover I fell in love, she had me from the get go. From that Cute little penny pouch on the front perched up nicely beside that little beach comber drawstring bag.… Continue reading Patchwork USA Sew Along