Chain of Hearts Mug Cosy

Mug Cosy Tutorial

In the spirit of Valentine’s day this year and all things hearts, I decided to do some cute heart sewing to share with you all! Valentine’s day is a Holiday of love and it’s nice to share the love with everyone! Family and friends included! So here’s a cute pattern for a mug cosy to make and share with someone special, a friend or even to spoil yourself with, after all we all need love in our lives.

Note: This pattern fits a straight mug best, although it does fit perfectly on some of my tapered mugs. Please read all instructions before you begin. This pattern requires basic knowledge of English paper piecing and appliqué. Seam allowance for the cosy is 3/8th of an inch.

Finished size: 9”x2.5” (10.5” x 2.5” including elastic loop)


  • Pdf. template provided from paper pieced hearts (EPP jewels)
  • 3 different assorted fabric prints from your hearts (at least 2”x2.5”)
  • Fabric panel (9.3/4”x3.1/4”) to appliqué hearts to
  • Backing fabric (9.3/4” x 3.1/4”)
  • Cotton batting (9.3/4” x 3.1/4”)
  • Elastic cord 4” long  (you can use a thin hair elastic is you don’t have any)
  • A Cute button for fastening your mug cosy
  • Quilt basting spray
  • Basic sewing supplies

Mug Cosy Instructions

1.Using the template provided, thread baste six 1.5” jewels with chosen fabric (2 of each colour). You will need to know how to do basic English paper piecing to do this.

2. Join down the long side to make three hearts as shown. Press with a hot iron.

3.Join hearts together along the short side to form a chain of hearts as shown.

4. Remove papers from the back, but make sure you leave your threads in. Press with a hot iron.

5. Align and pin your chain of hearts to your background piece of fabric. Use appliqué glue and set with a hot iron to hold your hearts in place. If you don’t have appliqué glue you can use pins.

NOTE: Make sure you align your hearts so they are at least 5/8” from the left edge of your fabric to allow room for a button.

6. Appliqué hearts to the backing fabric. Press with a hot iron.

7.Take the 4” piece of elastic cord, fold it in half and baste 1/8” from the edge, in the middle of your fabric panel. NOTE: Remember to baste it on the right side of your hearts, the side with the smaller gap.

8. Using quilt basting spray and following the manufacturer’s directions, adhere your cotton batting to the wrong side of heart panel.

9. Place your backing fabric on top of your front heart panel with the right sides together. Stitch all the way around using a 3/8” seam allowance and leaving a 2.5” gap at the bottom for turning.

10.Carefully clip the corners to reduce bulk. Turn your cosy right side out and press.

11.Top stitch all the way around, roughly 1/8” from the edge.

12. Sew on a button of choice, Securing well. This is where you can have lots of fun and choose something sweet!

TaDa! You now have one super cute chain of hearts mug cosy! Enjoy!

any comments or questions please feel free to contact me.

This pattern is for personal use only. If you make one, i’d love to see and share your lovely creation, So please tag me on instagram or facebook and use the hashtag #chainofheartsmugcosy.

Happy Sewing, Kellie x.

© Copyright 2020, Ma & Me Designs.

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