Happy Scrappy Coasters

Happy Scrappy Coaster Tutorial

If you’ve been following my Instagram account, last month you will see I started a #scrapbasketchallenge as my scrap basket is stuffed to the max and overflowing. So, I decided to give her some breathing room, every month I plan to challenge myself to make one project entirely from my scraps.

 Last month I shared a simple scrappy zipper pouch. This month I thought it would be fun to make some scrappy round Quilt as you go coasters. After all I love a project that’s just as fun as it is useful. I also thought I needed a new Coaster for beside my machine as I love to enjoy a good cup of tea when I sew.

What’s not to love, these coasters are so bright and cheerful, quick to whip up and use up all those tiny awaked scraps. A set of these would also make a great gift or be a good stocking stuffer. I’m sure one would easily fit into a card too and be sent off with the postie. Such a sweet surprise!

If you’re not familiar with the quilt as you go method, I don’t go into much depth about it here in this coaster tutorial. However, you can find a more comprehensive tutorial on how to do QAYG if you visit one of my previous tutorials here, The Quilt as you go Mug Rug.

let’s get started!

Finished size: 4 1/2″ tall x 4 1/2″ wide


  • Fabric scraps- so much fun without scraps too!
  • Cotton batting scraps – at least a 5 ½” square
  • Pinking shears for trimming seams- not 100% necessary but makes things a lot easier
  • Binding clips
  • Frixion pen or erasable marker
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • A circular household item 4 ½” diameter or you can download and print my circle template below.


  1. Take your circle template and trace around it on your piece of cotton batting.

2. Take your fabric scraps and start adding them to your circle (starting in the middle) by using the quilt as you go method. You simply place the piece of fabric on the batting and quilt it down onto the batting. My starting scrap was about 1 ½” x 2 ½” you can start with a square as small as 1 ½” x 1 ½” if you like.

3. Keep adding your fabric scraps. Quilt them down as you go. (For a full QAYG tutorial see here).

4. keep doing this until your entire piece of batting is covered.

5. Take your circle template and place it over the top of your coaster and trace around it using an erasable marker (I’m nuts about Frixion pens). Trim around your circle leaving a 3/8” seam allowance. NOT on the line, 3/8” from the outside edge of the circle.

6. Take your backing fabric and trace around your circle template. Again, cut around your circle leaving a 3/8” seam allowance. NOT on the line, 3/8” from the outside edge of the circle.

7. Place your backing fabric down in front of you, right side up. followed by your coaster top, right side down. The two right sides should be facing one another. Clip or pin your circles in place.

TIP: If you’re not a pro at sewing a circle (I’m certainly not perfect), make it super easy for yourself. Before you clip your circles together. Trace around your template once more onto the back of your coaster top. You then sew following this line. Super easy, and no wonky circles. Try it. It takes the stress out of sewing circles.

8. Sew your coaster top and backing together using a 3/8” seam allowance and leaving a 1 ½” opening on one side.

9. Trim your seam allowance to ¼” using pinking shears.  I don’t trim any away from my opening as I like to leave a bit extra here for sewing it closed.

NOTE: You don’t have to use pinking shears here, but it helps a lot in reducing bulk and makes your circle edge a lot smoother when it’s turned right way out. You could also try clipping notches into your seam allowance all the way around the edge too but DO NOT cut through your stitches.

10. Turn your coaster right way out and press all seams out with seam turner. This will get your circle edge nice and smooth. Press your coaster with a hot iron.

TIP: Now at this point trying to press your opening into a nice curve to sew closed can be a little tricky. So do the best you can by manipulating the fabric with your fingers. Then take your circle template once more and place it on top of your coaster. See that little bit of opening poking out the edge? take your erasable marker and trace around your template right at the opening.  Now you have a perfect guide to follow when you sew your opening closed.

11. Sew your opening closed using a ladder/invisible stitch. See how I’m using the line I just drew as a guide to insert my needle on the coaster front.

12. Give your coaster one last press. See that pretty, perfect circle. Much easier with a few small tips.

Top stitch around the edge of your coaster. I top stitch around mine somewhere between ⅛” – ¼” and always use a longer stitch length when top stitching.

You have now made a Happy Scrappy Coaster. I bet you can’t stop at just one!

It’s that quilt texture I can’t get enough of.

I Hope You enjoy this free pattern. Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

This pattern is for personal use only. If you’d like to use it to teach a class, please contact me first.

If you make one, I’d love to see and share your lovely creations. So please tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Sewing, Kellie x.

© Copyright 2022, Ma & Me Designs.

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