Journal Pen Holder

Journal Pen Holder Tutorial

Who else hates it when they pick up their journal or notebook and then can’t find a pen? I feel like this is me everyday. I don’t keep a journal, but I do have a trusty notebook that I keep where I plan all my sewing project and take notes for patterns. So I decided to make a sweet pen holder that could hold up to 3 pens, because I like to use all the colours. This journal pen holder is a quick and fun make that can be easily customized to your desires and they make a great gift too when your short on time.

Note: Please read all instructions before beginning. This pen holder fits an 8” notebook or journal but will fit up to a 9” or 9 ½”. For a journal much larger or smaller you will need to adjust the elastic size accordingly. This journal pen holder will hold up to 3 pens. If you want it to hold only 1 or 2, you will again need to adjust the size accordingly or see the option in step 6. Seam allowance is ¼” unless otherwise stated. Read all instructions before commencing.

Finished size: 2” x 7” (not including the elastic loop)


  • Linen for backing (7 ½” x 2 ½”)
  • Fabric for pocket (8 ½” x 2 ½”)
  • Fabric for front (7 ½” x 2 ½”)
  • Crochet lace (3”)
  • Cotton tape/ribbon tag (1 ¾”)
  • Cotton batting (at least 8” x 3”)
  • Light weight iron on interfacing-optional (8 ½” x 2 ½”)
  • Fold over elastic (11”)
  • Quilt basting spray
  • Basic sewing supplies

Journal Pen Holder Instructions

1. Take your piece of lightweight interfacing and attach it to the wrong side of the pocket fabric. This is optional, I used it to make my pocket slightly stiffer. If you do not have any it is not needed, noting, it will make your seams a little extra bulky.

2. Attach the cotton batting to the linen backing fabric using quilt basters spray and following the manufacturers instructions. Trim the excess batting so it is the same size as the linen piece.

3. Fold the pocket fabric in half so the wrong sides are together. Lining up the raw edges on the short side and press.

4. Line the crochet lace up along the top edge of the pocket and stitch in place. I like to use applique glue dried with a hot iron first to hold it in place.

5. Take the ribbon tape and fold it in half. Baste it in place to the right hand side of the pocket 1” from the bottom edge.

6. Place the pocket on top of the front piece of fabric and baste it in place ⅛” from the edge.

a. (Optional) At this point you have the option of splitting your pocket in two to fit one or two pens snuggly instead of three. Noting that if you do not do this, any less than three pens will not fit tightly in the pocket and slip out easily. Once the pocket is basted in place. simply stitch a line in the centre down the middle of the pocket, remembering to secure your stitches. Refer to the second picture to see where to stitch.

7. Take the fold over elastic and line it up right side down in the middle of the front panel and baste in place ⅛” from the edge on both ends.

8. Pin your elastic in the middle to hold in place while attaching the back of your pen holder to prevent it from getting caught and sewn in the wrong spot.

9. Place your backing fabric right side down of top of the front panel. Pin in place. Stitch all around using a ¼” seam allowance and leaving a 2-2 ½” opening at the top above the pocket for turning. Remember to secure your stitches at the start and finish.

10. Turn right side out and press.

11. Sew opening closed using a ladder/invisible stitch.

12. Top stitch around your pen holder somewhere between an ⅛” and ¼” from the edge. I like to use a walking foot and a bigger stitch length of at least 3-3.5. Take your time as your seams will be bulky and it will take extra care to navigate through your machine. Just remember to move your elastic to the side so you don’t stitch through it.

Ta da! You now have a super useful and cute journal pen holder.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

This pattern is for personal use only. If you make one, I’d love to see and share your lovely creations. So please tag me on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Sewing, Kellie x.

© Copyright 2020, Ma & Me Designs.

2 thoughts on “Journal Pen Holder

  1. Very cute and I love the fabric! Would you happen to remember what the pink print is?

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