Sweet Iced Donuts

It’s no secret I love a good simple appliqué pattern. Something that can add a little extra lift to a project and customise it in so many ways without any hard-to-grasp techniques or too many fancy fabrics. It was one of the first ever sewing ventures I tried and fell in love with.

I love creating really simple shapes that are easy to appliqué and sweet at the same time. So, I knew an iced donut was my next go to appliqué pattern. I mean who doesn’t want to cover everything in sweet iced donuts? and when you’re a mumma of a little girl who could resist a sweet iced donut bib?! Not me.

I love this simple pattern so much that I wanted to share it with you. So, I’ve popped the template up in my Etsy shop for you to enjoy too. It costs less than a cup of coffee or whatever your beverage of choice is. For me, it’s tea. The Bib template I used is also a Pattern you can find in my Etsy shop if you’re interested, The Toddler Pocket Bib.

You also don’t have to be into baby bibs to enjoy this pattern either. It makes a great quilt block. Or can be used on bags, purses pillows or any other project you desire.

If you are worried about the wear and tear because of the raw edges don’t because I’ve used this same technique on many baby bibs and pillows and bags, you name it and it’s held up time and time again. The edges may become a little fluffy, but it’s kind of a worn look I love and I feel it just adds to its charm. If you’re not washing it heavily though you don’t have to worry about that fluffy look.

If you want to use my Donut appliqué for your own projects, you can find the pattern template in my Etsy store.

If you do make a project using this template, I’d love to see it and share your creation so please tag me on either Facebook or Instagram.

Any questions or comments please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

Happy sewing, Kellie. X.

© Copyright 2022, Ma & Me Designs.

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