Hexie Bunny Cinch Sack

All things happen for a reason, or at least I like to think so, as that’s what gets us through some hard times in life even if you don’t see it at the time. Anyway, enough of the deep stuff, I’m here to share with you some pictures of one of my latest creations, because it’s sweet and I love it. A round cinch sack, that came about by chance really.

Easter time always inspires lots of sewing involving bunnies, eggs and pretty pastel colours and that’s where this project came from. This sack is made using Lauren Nash’s Bunnies and Blossoms collection. One of my all-time favourite fabric collections, as it just feels so much like easter to me and of course hexies, because I’ve been itching to start another hexie project.

Anyway, back to my all things happen for a reason, this project actually started out as what I thought was going to be an Easter egg placemat. I was busy basting away 1” hexies and sewing them all together into a rough Easter egg shape. Then when it came to the crunch and I just couldn’t do it. I wasn’t feeling the whole placemat thing and I lost interest in the project for a while. I tossed my hexie panel aside for a few weeks while I tried to justify making those pretty little bunnie hexies into something I loved and something that actually inspired me. I’m obviously not just an easter egg placemat kind of girl after all.

To no surprise I came up with a round bunny cinch sack. I love sewing dilly bag’s, zipper pouches and any kind of bag really, even if I don’t know what I intend on using them for. They are such quick and fun makes, and the patchwork possibilities are endless. I was drawn to the round cinch sack because I’ve never made anything like it before.  I’ve seen big versions of these round cinch sacks floating around on the internet that parents use for toys, but I wanted something cute, small and sweet and more likely suited to sewing goodies or notions.

I love that this sack opens flat and with one pull of the string, everything Is gathered up. I added some machine quilting to the lining and then couldn’t go past some hand quilting around all those little hexies. I just love that crinkly vintage handmade feel of hand stitching.

I tried using a cotton rope for the pull, but it didn’t slide very well. So, I ditched that and went for some sweet pink, satin ribbon. Which I like much better anyway. I then added some pale green shiny candy beads, which I got from one of my favourite shops, Rose Garden Patchwork. Pretty and practical, as now I don’t have to worry about the cord stopper sliding off the end any time soon.

Anyway, that’s enough of my ramblings for now. Who else has had one of those “all things happen for a reason” sewing adventures and it actually turned out really well in the end?

Happy sewing, Kellie. X

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One thought on “Hexie Bunny Cinch Sack

  1. The soft pastels are so pretty, what a lovely range. A drawstring pouch is especially handy as a project bag when you have to gather it all up quickly and make a run for it. Your comment on the satin ribbon sliding more easily makes instant sense – and why didn’t I think of that before !!! 🙂 xx

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