A Quick Catch Up

I’ve been forgetting to share my makes here on the blog, instead I’ve just been flooding everyone’s Instagram feed. So, here’s a quick catch up with lots of photos of things I’ve been making lately, but forgot to share here.

A little 9 patch mug rug because I wanted to sew some pretty fabric into a 9 patch.

My favourite part is the little cookie patch to sit the cookies on.

Some pictures of my Flora supply case for the #florasupplycase sew along. My patchwork panel for the front. The apple pincushion is a pattern you can find in my Etsy shop.

The pattern is from Jennie at Clover & Violet. I’ve always wanted to make one, so I jumped on the chance when she was running a sew along over on Instagram.

And the inside. Check out that sweet pink cherry zipper pull and those chickens.

A cute strawberry treat bag made for the #2020strawberrylovers party. I’m thinking of doing a pattern for this one. What are your thoughts?

Here it is, filled with Aurifloss treats, AKA quilters candy.

And another strawberry themed make for the same sew along. A strawberry button appliqué pouch.

with some more strawberries on the back.

I just adore this pouch so much. A great way to play in your pretty button collection.

Here’s the inside with another little strawberry surprise.

I know I’ll be releasing an applique template for this one, hopefully sometime soon.

The final make for that sew along, a vinyl zipper pouch.

 Its great for storing your EPP project and that’s what I’ve been using mine for.

and of course my favourite part, the simple patchwork squares on the back.

 Oh and a couple of Tilda mice for my Nieces.

The pattern is a Tilda pattern and I decided to make them sweet dresses with little strawberry pocks and of course cambric lace trim.

 I just love cambric lace. So pretty and classic.

What sweet things have you been sewing lately?

Happy Sewing, Kellie. X

© Copyright 2020, Ma & Me Designs.

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