The Patchwork Snap Pouch

I love pouches and they are a go to make. I never get sick of sewing them, they’re fun, can be customised in so many ways, and not to mention are super useful too and make the best gifts. Pouches are something everyone of all ages can use one way or another and for many different things. I wanted to create something a little different, for when you need a pouch but don’t want to sew a zipper, so here it is, my latest pattern, The patchwork Snap Pouch. I amay be a little bit obsessed with KAM snaps too.

If you love a good pouch pattern but want something a little different to a standard zipper pouch then the Patchwork Snap pouch is for you. Its snap closure means it is easy to open and close but still secure and kid friendly. If you’re not that fond of sewing zippers or your just after something different, then the snap closure is exactly what you need plus they can be installed in less than a minute. Yes, less than 1 minute and so much easier than a zipper.

The Patchwork Snap Pouch is a simple, single pocket pouch that comes in 4 different sizes and can easily nest inside one another if needed. They make great carry all pouches that are minimal and sleek and take up very little space in a backpack, tote, or handbag. They are perfect for carrying around your basic everyday supplies.

The smallest version can easily be slipped into a pocket and is the perfect size to fit a few coins and notes, a small lip gloss or business cards. Or maybe even those small sewing notions. Binding clip pouch anyone?

On the other hand, the largest size packs a punch and can fit plenty of goodies including a few notebooks, a small pencil case and other larger items. You can fill them with whatever you need including first aid supplies, feminine hygiene products, tissues, keys, cosmetics, and important documents. They would even make a great book sleeve or electronic device cover. Ipad mini cover anyone? You could even add a few nappies and wipes and use it as a simple nappy wallet for baby shower gift.

You can make them in sets for a great handmade gift, or just whip up the size that you need. The instructions are beginner friendly and have step-by-step full coloured photos to help you along the way. They are fully lined and have no raw edges. There are options for plain fabric and patchwork versions, but they can easily be customised and embellished however you like.

If you want to make a Patchwork Snap Pouch Please visit my Esty shop, where you can find the pattern.

Make sure you tag me on Instagram so I can see your lovely makes using #maandmedesignspattern or #patchworksnappouch .

And if you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

If you’re a newbie to KAM snaps and a bit unsure about the whole process, or just want to brush up on your skills, I have a tutorial here on how to install and use them.

Happy sewing, Kellie X.

© Copyright 2022, Ma & Me Designs.

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