Scrappy Tassel Zipper Pull Tutorial

Tassel Zipper Pull Tutorial

Fabric Tassels are a quick and easy way to add a colourful custom zipper pull or charm to your patchwork pouches but their potential is limitless. Use them to add charm to any of your sewing projects, as a gift topper, maybe even a key FOB or add it as a great little addition to your sewing swaps. Not to mention they are great scrap busters for all those pretty little trimming and scraps of fabric we have but are too precious just to toss in the bin.

Finished size approx. 5” long (including Tassel hanger)


  • Assorted fabric scraps and trimmings (at least 5″ long and ½” wide)
  • bakers twine or other thin string or cotton (16″ long)
  • standard sewing supplies

Tassel instructions

1.Start by collecting an assortment of fabric scraps and trimmings you would like to use. This can have a colour theme or be totally random and what you have on hand. For this particular tassel I decided to use leftover fabric scraps from a pouch I had made so it was co-ordinating. I then picked some trimmings in colours that matched the fabric. You can have lots of fun here picking scraps and fabrics to add texture and interest. I’ve even included some small pom pom trim and cotton crochet lace. You will also need a thin piece of cotton or bakers twine at least 16″ long for the tassel hanger. You will want to use something thin so it can fit through the tiny hole at the end of the zipper when it is doubled over. Alternatively if you are using a large ring pull zipper you can use whatever you like. Ribbon, trimmings or another piece of fabric as long as it easily fits through the hole zipper pull doubled over.

2. Cut your scraps and trimmings so they are roughly the same length. To make a 2.5” Length tassel I trimmed my fabric scraps so they were 5″ long and about ½” wide. I then cut my trimmings to 5″ in length, the same as the fabric. You will need 12 lengths of fabric and trim in total.

3. Arrange your fabric and trimmings in an order that is pleasing, on top of each, other with the right sides up. Arrange your twine (or other choice of hanger) doubled from end to end like so.

Note: Cutting your fabric pieces a little small or bigger won’t matter. You can also increase or decrease the size of your tassel by alternating the size of the pieces you use. However I don’t recommend going too small as the fabric is left with raw edges and thus prone to fraying to a degree.

4.Take the piece of twine and slip it under the centre of your fabric pile. You want to have the looped end of your twine sticking out by about 2.5 inches (this becomes your hanger) and the rest of the twine sticking out the other end. Tie the bakers twine in a double knot around the pile of fabric/trims. You should have something this looks like this:

5.Fold the fabric/trim strips in half over the twine. Make sure that the tails of your bakers twine are folded down with your fabric strips as they become part of the tassel.

6. Take another 5″ by ½” fabric strip and tie this around the tassel about ½” from the top using a double knot. Trim your bakers twine so it is same length as the other bits of fabric and trims in your tassel. They don’t have to be exactly perfect in length, remember this is a scrappy tassel and that’s all part of the fun.

Ta Da! You have now made a cute scrappy tassel zipper pull. Super easy, and lots of fun right? You can now add it to your favourite zipper pouch (just like I have), Gift it to a friend, use as a key chain FOB or maybe just have lots of fun playing in your fabric scraps and making yourself a pretty pile of scrappy fabric tassels.

If you have found this tutorial useful or have any questions please let me know below. If you make a scrappy Tassel i’d love to share and see creations so please tag me on Facebook or Instagram.

Happy Sewing, Kellie X.

© Copyright 2019, Ma & Me Designs.

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